【Music Blog】Really, it’s a “Chance” NOW!


When something goes outrage, there is always a chance rolling.

I get so many emails from various music industries now because of this pandemic we are all facing. Why? Because they are trying to give out opportunities to musicians that have to stay the F**K home.

People are losing jobs, shows are cancelled, shops are closed and it’s a fucking crisis, IKR.
I am one of those victims too, because of the Corona countermeasure, the Download Festival Japan 2020 was canceled and I was a part of this.
So a HUGE opportunity was lost for me…which is very shocking, irritating, and pissed at whatever started this virus.

Anyways, I received from Spotify, Sonicbids, Indie Bible, Sound Cloud, and Radio Airplay etc. with their online events. Which were really nice and I submitted to some of them.
With that said, it means that there are “different” opportunities out there.
Also “there are” people who make money now. So try to keep your antennas high, cause these are the times we need to be creative agains life.

Now to my fans, please read.
I need your support just like any other musicians now.
Though all I ask is to listen to my songs or share them on your SNS.
Especially after my New unpublished song “Aiutare” is released 3/31/2020, I need everyone hitting hard on this.
There is a “ROBOT”, or you can call it “AI” inside the Spotify system (same with YouTube, Apple Music or SNS). This ROBOT captures songs that are being listened “at the time of the release”.

So that is why its so important to have the song focused to be played, which helps the song to go “viral” and spread to listeners.

I don’t want to take too much time to get back to your countries really…
I REALLY miss all of you, and you may not believe but I actually remember a lot of faces of the fans.

So please, I will be sharing a PRE-SAVE LINK before the Spotify release.
Please save that and on the day of the release, help me get this new song on the roll.
You can actually help already by sharing the link below. I got 82 songs listed here all sang by me. It took 15 years to create/record these songs.
Right now, not just me but all “musicians” need support from “music fans” to keep their career going.
Music saves us, so lets save music too.

Different bands but all sang by me lol