What is AFOF!?


Hi guys! Thank you for coming all the way to this page! Appreciate it!
I’d like to explain what is ” A FANG OF FIRE” cause thought it might be hard to understand.
First of all is that I wanted a name that could represent works other than my own name. Don’t really want to create a T-shirt that says KIHIRO on the chest lol.

Secondly this “A FANG OF FIRE” is PHASE 01. It will develop to PHASE 02 after accomplishing several goals.
The first goal is to reach 3000 Subscribers on YouTube (Currently approx 2900ppL). Sale out 30 pair Live tickets that will go on sale March 31,2020 on the official merch site. Also to have the new single “Aiutare” which will be released 3/31/2020 be played 3000 times on Spotify. I’m gonna be honest but my Solo page have very few plays compared to LOKA & Supe. Please support by sharing and tweeting these links.
When these are accomplished, I will be able to play my second show.
Then I will have to accomplish another different goal to move forward.
Therefore, I won’t be able to move forward unless these “goals” are not accomplished each time. I understand some goals maybe “out of your area”, especially for foreign fans since I am not there.
However, please understand that each goal is set because there will be a goal created to reach your country!
But if the others are not cleared, I will never be able to reach you… and I really really really want to go each country I’ve been before.

There will be several goals before I can develop to PHASE 02, so please support me in order to sustain my music. This is a project I like to develop with the fans together.

So right now is the “A FANG OF FIRE” phase. After I accomplish several goals, and I have enough songs and fans I will be able to step up to the next phase.

Hope you’re there with me in the next phase.